The Blessing Of the Society Of The Father Fusion Of Jesus

We love Jesus the Saviour and we love Jesus for being perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect. Our love for his fusion with the Father is what draws us higher and deeper and broader into the Father Fusion of Jesus.

It is my prayer that your passion for Father Fusion is roused by this Blazon of Arms and also the simple version illustrated below; and that should you become a friend of The Society For The Father Fusion Of Jesus you will wear it with the pride and dignity fitting your Father Fusion Candidacy.

Here then is the song of blessing we sing in our liturgy. Be blessed by it. We are thinking of you whenever we sing it—you who are call by the Father to inherit the Father Fusion of Jesus.

God bless you.

Dr. Robert Crickett, 2014

Hope Island,

Queensland, Australia

  1. May the peace of God

  2. Which passes all understanding,

  3. Keep our hearts and minds

  4. In the knowledge and love of God

  5. And of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

  6. And the blessing of God,

  7. Almighty Father Son and Spirit

  8. Be among us

  9. And remain al-ways;

  10. O Prince of Peace we praise You. Alleluia.

  11. And to you, brother and sister,

  12. Those on earth and also in heaven

  13. Lords of the heavens;

  14. Councils on earth:

  15. To all the Father’s in Christ we lovingly say:

  16. The Lord bless you and keep you.

  17. The Lord make his face

  18. To shine upon you,

  19. And be gracious to you.

  20. The Lord lift up his countenance on you; and give you peace.

THE Heraldry and Parts of THE
THE Blazon of Arms OF Father Fusion

THE  SFFJ Blessing to You
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