Volunteer Sponsorship

For any number of reasons, it’s true for many people, and it may be true for you too: you may not want to sponsor an orphan. The Volunteer Sponsorship Program is another way that you can help. It is short-term and to the point. You want to help, but you simply can’t go to Africa right now. So, help to send someone who can go. They really need your help.

A Volunteer’s Expenses Include The Following:

  1. Bulletairfare to/from Entebbe Uganda;

  2. Bulletthree months of food, toiletries/cleaning, house rent, transportation, cell phone and e-mail services; and

  3. BulletUS$50 pocket money per week each person.

  4. BulletThis is a total of US$5,000 per person. Recurrent monthly funding after the initial three months is US$1,200 per person.

Tax Benefits

In the USA and Australia, all donations made to our orphanage program attract tax benefits.

Your Money Gets To Where It’s Needed

Please note that your donation does not go into the AKF orphanage project funding. It is targeted exclusively for the provision of missionaries who are attached to the orphanage program for a shorter or longer period of time.

How To Donate

  1. BulletMake a one-off donation, or

  2. BulletSubscribe to making regular contributions.

  3. BulletClick here to go to the donations page.

The Ongoing Need

AKF will continue to receive people on mission to grow this new orphanage in Uganda. Your sponsoring of a missionary, an orphan child, or the operating costs of the mission is deeply appreciated.


Rob Crickett, 2015


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