Since 2001, some members of the African Kids Foundation (AKF) board have been involved with spiritual, educational and childcare organisations and activities in several African countries—Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Egypt. It was a natural development to get organised in ways that helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa in better ways.
It all started in 2001 when the Lord gave me a word for william maclean who was flying with elianne and me from san francisco to los angeles. william was hungry for a new ministry work. God said, “to go to africa.”  
William ministered in many parts of Kenya and met with Rev. Daniel Boit and his family, ministered in his church and the churches of others ministers and bishops from Nairobi and Nyeri, as far westward into the highlands where they grow tea.

With Daniel’s son, Martin, William ministered in a lot of towns and villages all across the West and the Southwest into the Maasai lands of Chief Joshua. It was William’s meeting with Chief Joshua in the Maasai lands of Southwest Kenya that drew me by faith to Kenya. I ministered in many places, bringing the Lord’s joy to the families, the churches, and most importantly to the children ... in so many places.