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Kids Living in Entebbe (Length 7:01)
Entebbe is close to the capital city, Kampala.
Kids Living in Masaka (Length 8:36)
Masaka is rural, and on the main road half way to Rwanda.

The following short video clips give you glimpses into the world of AIDS-generated orphans who are looking ahead to brighter days. The footage was shot in November, 2009 when AKF was providing the Entebbe home for around 25 orphaned and vulnerable children.

Kids Living in Entebbe Give Us Songs of Praise and Joy — Part 1 (Length 6:07)
You can hardly tell anything about their horrendous past, so great is their happiness.
Kids Living in Entebbe Give Us Songs of Praise and Joy — Part 2 (Length 5:42 )
This clip begins with the children praying . . . praying for you and for me and giving thanks to God for their improved life.

Photos of the Entebbe kids by Australian Ben Hay, November, 2010

After two years of AKF Intense Prayer and Financial Support, MPM left this comfortable safe and home which was becoming too small for their needs and they developed Canaan in the countryside and moved to a whole new opportunity—their own dream! Pastor Grace grew up in the countryside ... he knew how good it would be for the children. Now they pray and worship, garden and eat, study and graduate and the family has grown from 40 to 600 children in just a few short years. That’s the promised land.