Missionary Training
  1. 1.pre-field preparation including cross cultural issues, dress code, leadership roles, culture shock and slowing down to the local pace of life, awareness of one’s own emotional state, health care in preparation for living in an infectious area, and familiarity with the political culture of the nation and city, fund raising of at least 50% of personal travel and infield expenses,providing for the missionary’s own property and situation in the home country, liaison with Watoto Australia and Watoto Uganda, the production of business cards and a letter of introduction, watching the dvd Ready Set Go; collecting local African phone numbers, addresses, directions and street maps; communication protocol and channel as required with the missionary’s home church; in-field requirements including mission goals, communication and reporting channels including when Dr. Crickett is himself on mission abroad elsewhere, contingency and emergency evacuation plans including possible relocation in Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania, networking with other in-field mzungu missionaries and local Africans, routes for financial transactions, travel/health insurance—covered by AKF’s corporate insurance, personal equipment and possessions including camera and laptop, local visas and communication with the home nation’s consulate, strategies for the management of personal relationships arising in-field, effective budgeting and maintaining a biblical focus on the mission, networking with other local missionaries, churches or NGOs, and precautions when dealing with situations involving suspected or discernible African witchcraft; and

  1. 2.post-field de-briefing and support which, in addition to personal debriefing and health check, will include a report to AKF and other supporters as required that will cover the mission itself, the mission goals, achievements in micro enterprises, the well being of the missionaries, any relevant features of partnering with Watoto Uganda, and networking with other missionaries, churches or NGOs.

    In addition, missionary training and support will be provided as required by existing AKF network contacts in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya and Egypt who have considerable experience in Watoto, World Vision, other orphan care programs, and developers of micro enterprises in orphanage settings.

  1. Bulletfive years experience as a missionary in the Philippines from 1990-95;

  2. Bulletthe Richmond Assembly of God Mission Coordinator for two years from 1997-99 during which she was also the trainer for short term overseas mission teams;

  3. Bulletthe Missionary Trainer for World Missions from 2003-6 during which time she developed theMission Training Manual which is available online and for sale;

  4. BulletPastor of Elwood Imagine Church—a part of the Australian Christian Churches group;

  5. Bulleta senior lecturer at Harvest Bible College where she has also been Dean of Women and theCollege’s Quality Assurance Officer; and

  6. Bulletat the time of this writing in 2011, Director of Harvest Bible College Queensland, located in Brisbane and Varsity Lakes.

Pastor Dohle has provided in-depth consultation with regard to the three key time frames of the missionary’s experience:

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