Since 2001, some members of the African Kids Foundation (AKF) board have been involved with spiritual, educational and childcare organisations and activities in several African countries—Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Egypt. It was a natural development to get organised in ways that helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa in better ways.
In 2001, we first made contact with the Maasai. 
It was in South Western Kenya that we ministered among the Maasai first with Chief Joshua who lives in the Maasai lands and is always keen for mzungu missionaries and evangelists to come and stay with him and minister in his church building. 

Within two years we were also helping the Maasai in the Maasai Mara at the foot of Kilimanjaro in South Eastern Kenya. We have maintained good relations ever since, visiting and taking evangelists and friends to meet and greet with the community or just talking on the phone ... yes, they have iPhones. Soon after we partnered with ELAND based at Namanga the Tanzania border crossing.

It all began, however, in Maasai Mara when one warrior, Daniel Nkao Marrinka, a part of the Baboon Project based in Namanga, Kenya, told me in perfect English that the tribe in his home of Noonkishu Village headed by Stanley Metuile, Koptene, had one mama who had been sick with head pains for 15 years. I told him that I pray for the sick and that Jesus heals them. He invited me to visit their village, it was nearby. We were camped at Enchoro Wildlife Camp ... with just an electric fence to keep out the wild animals just as equally nearby. On the next day, I visited with my group of friends and I prayed for the woman. At one point she was instantly free from her pain and restored to full standing in the tribe. The community and I were the best of friends since then. (see the top picture for the mama outside her hut.)

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To live with the grace of the Apostles, we need to walk in the grace that God gives us on mission. This book is full of stories that impart such grace to you, and reveals how such grace impacts the lives of people in many different circumstances, all around the world. 
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Dr. Rob prayed and when the power of the Holy Spirit came into these Maasai warriors they shouted for joy! New life opened up for them spiritually. In a land where the church had often denied them by saying that drinking blood was sinful and having more than one wife was sinful, so many Maasai shunned the church. All they want is real and living contact with Jesus Christ without the Western church cultural entrapments. The smiles show they got what they wanted ... Jesus Christ in living power and glory.http://www.fatherfusion.org/fatherfusioneshop/index.php?page=2&maincat_id=2http://www.fatherfusion.org/fatherfusioneshop/index.php?page=2&maincat_id=2shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1