Since 2009, some members of the African Kids Foundation (AKF) had a heart to connect and partner with a Western-run orphan community in Uganda known as Care4Kids.
After just one year of AKF partnering with CARE4KIDS Uganda so much has been achieved by Care4Kids with our support and the support of its other patrons and partners around the world. I have met with Voula Zacharias the General Manager of Care4Kids several times in Melbourne, planning last yearʼs trip to Uganda and arranging for others to also visit.
Care4Kids deeply appreciate your involvement and support. On behalf of AKF I too want to thank you so much for your financial and moral support. It has meant a world of difference and made wholly new possibilities available for the children in Jinja, Uganda.
Your help really is an answer to prayer. Having adequate finances and getting good staff and developing projects to be up and running are always challenged on the ground—thatʼs Africa—and it is so often a matter of Godʼs grace to just get through. People like you who care make all the world of difference!

First off, I want to show you around the childrenʼs home and facilities. Care4Kids has more than 80 children ranging from under 1 to early teens.
The entrance to Care4Kids is well painted will bright colours to reflect the love and care for the children. Driving through the gates you come into the front garden area...and the front reception area.

Appropriate security is always important around orphaned and vulnerable children, especially in nations like Uganda where witchdoctors exact a high price from the locals for their services often including the sacrifice of children and babies which they frequently snatch from unprotected orphanages. this is a very real threat, with the number of sacrifices across the nation being in the hundreds and the abduction of young girls to be wives and young men to be slave farm labour are even higher.
Care4Kids tells us that Jubilee House is now completed in readiness to accommodate short and long term volunteers/teams. This business centre of the facility is very modern, equipped with a good kitchen and meeting room.

Uganda is a landlocked country with Kenya to the East, Sudan to the North, Democratic Republic of Congo to the West and Rwanda to the South. It it bordered in the South also by the lavish waters of Lake Victoria which give birth to the Nile River that travels all the way to the Mediterranean Sea delta in Egypt.

A closer look at the map on the right shows Jinja off East to the right of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, along the yellow road heading for the Kenya border and marked by the red circle. Jinja is famous for its dam (below) and its lush farming fields and of course its fishing in Lake

During the day most of the kids go off to a nearby school where they receive a good and wholesome education with other local children.
With your help 68 of the more than 80 children are registered in primary school and tertiary school; and have each been given brand new school clothes, shoes and socks, school bags and stationary. They are all smiles!
When the children are not at school they play soccer and other activities together in the
spacious grounds of Care4Kids.
Everybody loves to eat and the Mamas often cook out in the open. Here they are sitting around the fire cooking up a big pot of fish soup for lunch. Beautiful Lake Victoria is only a few hundred meters away over the back fence and so the fish from the market is always fresh—the favourite is Talapia, which is a little like small Snapper and very tasty. The Chinese eat rice and the Italians eat pasta and the Africans eat their fish with posho ... maize flour cooked up in water like polanta.
You helped with upgrades in the kitchen (below, right), installing a large chimney/flue, a new ceiling, new shelving and secure storage completed.
The blight of Africa is the lack of clean drinking water. It causes people to drink filthy
disease ridden water in swamps and pools. Care4Kids has bore water for the irrigation of the vegetable and flower gardens, and fresh town water for drinking. Often we share this water with neighbours who are without town water for drinking.
With so many kids and infants there is always laundry to do and hang out on the long
clothes lines. You have helped to pay the water bill, repair the plumbing and the leaking
tap and pipes, and provide the clothes that are being washed. When I arrived I saw that
this tap (pictured above) leaked so much it caused a massive water bill. We paid the bill
and got a plumber in who stopped up all the leaks. You helped to make it happen and
change peopleʼs lives for the better.

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HOUSE & HOMECare4Kids_House_And_Home.html
BUILDING PROGRAMCare4Kids_Building_Program.html