African Kids
  1. BulletIn Africa, each year, 10.6 million children die before reaching their fifth birthday—at least 53% from malnutrition;

  2. BulletAfrica has 60 million orphaned and vulnerable children;

  3. Bullet30,000 children have been abducted and forced to serve as child soldiers;

  4. BulletEach year 2 million people die from AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa;

  5. BulletBetween 10-12% of all children in Sub-Saharan Africa are orphaned;

  6. BulletIn 2010 there were 50 million children orphaned by AIDS.

(Drawn from Worldbank, World Vision, UNAIDS and UNICEF statistics)

The Recent Facts

The facts about Africa are, in many ways, dreadful and overwhelming. Most Africans are not sitting around with their hand out and doing nothing. They hunger for education, opportunity and change — they want to have meaningful lives. Any change in consciousness, to any African can and often does have a huge impact on Africa, and on the world.

Growing orphaned Africans into a consciousness of global responsibility and leadership does change things for the better.

Moreover, it is a necessary part of the solution to decreasing the massive numbers of orphans that are produced annually in Africa in future generations.