In the footsteps of Jesus 
in Israel, in Jordan, and in the Desert


16 NIGHTS between December 2 and 18, 2011.
Israel and Jordan.
Two Countries. More Sites. More Time. More History. More Jesus. More of God!
Places are limited. Reserve now. Don’t miss out.
For the first time, this pilgrimage is to the Holy Lands of Israel 
PLUS Jordan 
Click here to see a short clip from an earlier pilgrimage into Israel but be warned, when you see this you will definitely come on pilgrimage —  Pilgrimage Clip Israel.
This pilgrimage has four flavours of spirituality to it: 
Jesus in Galilee
Jesus in Jordan
Jesus in Jerusalem and 
Jesus in the Desert Wilderness.
        1 night in Haifa with Elijah! Then 5 nights in Nazareth staying at the Sisters of Nazareth with their
inspiring diggings — from here we will visit places and stories in Galilee that Jesus made famous: 
his home in Nazareth, 
turning water into wine at Cana, 
healings and miracles at Capernaum, 
healings at Bethsaida, 
multiplying fish and bread at Tabgha, 
transfiguration at Mt. Hermon or Mt. Tabor, 
Elijah's cave on Mt. Carmel, 
the end times prophecy of Meggido (Armaggedon) just south of Nazareth, 
raising the dead boy at Nain, 
the Emperor's city of Tiberias, 
the Sea of Galilee; 
and be baptised or rededicate your life with water baptism in the River Jordan here or in Jordan at Bethany beyond Jordan;
        4 nights in Jordan including 
Saphsaphas - Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the historic site of Jesus' baptism — Jesus was most successful with believers east of the River Jordan: lets see why; 
Elijah’s Hill and the site where Elijah was taken to heaven in a whirlwind (2 Kings 2:11);
Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land and died;
Bethabera, where Joshua stopped the River Jordan and the slaves went across to the Promised Land on dry ground;
Kerak Castle from the ancient days of the Christian Crusades;
Wadi Mujib, the Grand Canyon of the Middle East; and
Petra the mysterious dazzling pink stone temple in the wilderness.
        7 nights in Jerusalem at the Franciscan convent of the White Sisters
opposite the Garden Tomb and close by Damascus Gate. 
From here we will also visit the places and stories of the passion of our Lord Jesus:
the Upper Room where Jesus washed the disciples’ feet and inaugurated the meatless passover, the Holy Communion;
the Mount of Olives, where Jesus prayed, and was arrested;
Bethany, where Jesus raised Lazarus form the dead;
Bethphage, from where Jesus rode on a young donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday;
the Pool of Bethesda and the Pool of Siloam, where some of Jesus’ healing miracles occurred; 
the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre and the Garden Tomb, where Jesus’ crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection are commemorated;
the Via Dolorosa on which Jesus carried the cross;
the Old City of Jerusalem, with the Wailing Wall of the Temple Mount; the Souk market place; the Armenians, Jews, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Druze, Messianic Christians and Coptic Christians; history spanning millennia and much more.
        Visiting the Bet Shamesh community of Christian women hermits
of the monastic Order of the Community of Bethlehem, the Assumption of the Virgin, and of Saint Bruno. This will give you a wonderful taste of Christian life at its deepest, most love-filled and joy-filled. We will also visit 
Bethlehem, the birth place of our Lord Jesus;
Emmaus — famous for Jesus’ walking with and teaching the two brothers on Resurrection Sunday, and then breaking bread and vanishing from their sight;
The “Monastery of the Temptation” set high above Jericho; 
Saint George’s Monastery in Wadi Qelt close by the Good Samaritan Road from Jerusalem to Jericho; 
or perhaps other sites of interest to the group.
Some pilgrims prefer to arrive earlier and depart later than the pilgrimage dates. If that's you, please be sure to arrange your own transportation and accommodation outside the dates set aside for the actual pilgrimage. Should you need assistance in locating accommodation sites, please feel welcome to ask me.
My earlier pilgrimages to Israel were for 12 nights costing 125 euros per night. With the massive escalation in the costs people are charging globally I have had to increase this by 25 euros to 150 euros per night.
This covers accommodation and breakfasts, transportation rental, car insurance, fuel and road taxes.
For this 16-Nights Pilgrimage then the cost is 16@150 euros, a total of 2,300 euros. 
Plus you will need to pay for the following:
your own flights from America, Europe or Australia into Jordan or Israel, 
your own travel insurance (definitely recommended in these uncertain times), 
your own lunch and evening meal money (allocate perhaps 40 euros per day), 
and your own spending money for souvenirs, holy oil, pieces of the original cross, other relics etc.  
Please email me on by July 15th, 2011 indicating your firm commitment to this pilgrimage. 
A deposit of $500 should be made to an RCIM bank account in Australia, Finland or the USA by July 31.
Half the full amount should be paid by August 30.
The full amount should be paid by September 30.
Please note that due to the time and costs involved in preparing this pilgrimage, RCIM reserves the right to cancel the pilgrimage if adequate numbers of pilgrims are not reached, or if there is an alarming safety issue for pilgrims in the region.
It does happen that people have a change of heart about coming on pilgrimage, or something happens and they have to cancel, even at the last minute.
Please note that in accord with policies for pilgrimages offered by commercial tour groups, your commitment should be firm and evidenced by your payment of the fees in advance as requested. 
If, however, for any reason you change your mind and withdraw from the pilgrimage before August 1 your deposit will be wholly refunded.
If, for any reason, you change your mind and withdraw from the pilgrimage between August 1 and September 1 you will forfeit your $500 deposit and the remainder of your payment will be refunded.
If, for any reason, you change your mind and withdraw from the pilgrimage; after October 30 you will forfeit your payment up to the full cost of the pilgrimage. 
Please take the necessary steps with Travel Insurance to guard against misfortune or your change of mind. 
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