We very much value your decision to make a general donation to RCIM. General Donations are, as the name implies, donations to RCIM and you are leaving it to RCIM to decide on for what it will purchase.

General Donations are transacted in cash, by check and cheque, by a direct transfer to the bank accounts RCIM has at its disposal, and by the online payment method. RCIM doesn’t have a preference, but for many people, the online pathway is the simplest and easiest.

In order to receive donations from people all around the world, RCIM uses PayPal for its online banking transactions. It is safe, secure and reliable. PayPal handles all the transactions on the global giant market place, E-Bay.

When you click on the online option link, you are directed through several steps in order to make your transaction as smooth as possible:

  1. 1.Do you want a written receipt sent to you?

  2. 2.For what use do you want RCIM to use your donation?

  3. 3.Is this a once only payment, or do you want to establish regular payments to be deducted from your credit card or bank account through your existing or new PayPal account?

  4. 4.How much do you want to donate?

  5. 5.Now you are set to engage PayPal and make your donation.

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