Cheques    Please make cheques payable to Robert Crickett.

Address     RCIM, P.O.Box 529, Malvern, Victoria 3144, Australia.

Tax Receipt     Donations to RCIM in Australia do not attract
                        benefits from the ATO.

Purpose     Please tell RCIM if you have a special purpose for
                   your donation.

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In Australia

In the U.S.A.

Checks        Please make cheques payable to RCIM or

                    Rob Crickett International Ministries.

Address       RCIM, P.O.Box 631, Byfield, MA 01922, USA.

Tax Receipt     You will receive a tax receipt for the U.S. IRS
                        from RCIM in the USA.

Purpose     Please tell AKF for which purpose your are making this

                  donation — a general donation, to support an orphan,

                  to support staff development, property development

                  or to support a volunteer.

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