God’s help is on the way!
Regardless of your religion being Christian, Buddhist, Bon, Hindu, Islam, Taoist, Sikh, Shinto, Ancestral, Voodoo, Zoroastrianism, New Age or something entirely other, the Holy Spirit works to help you and God achieve the best of the best. Learn how.

Of course, if you are an atheist you have already given up all hope of God’s help. If you continue,  Holy Spirit Helper © could make you become agnostic. Be warned. Holy Spirit Helper © is not intended to convert anyone. If you don’t want God’s help you are advised not to continue with Holy Spirit Helper ©.

Speaking to the rest of God’s willing children, however, it should be said that we all want wisdom, success and happiness. We don’t want pain, confusion and black clouds in our life. We also very often want God’s help—the favour of God on our life. 

More than that, we want a relationship with God so that God is a part of our life and our future and our well being. 

It could be said that the purpose of human life is different things for different people, but all our potentials come alive and we get the best of the best life when we seek God and find real contact with God, when we know God and when we reveal God to others ... not just ideas about God but the real living spiritual forces of God in person. 

Like many people, I have maximised the purpose of my life. One of the very many benefits of knowing God so intimately for so many years is working with Him face to face in helping other people to receive His advice or even to change things in their lives that are destructive. This program, then, is my gift to you. If you proceed, it will only cost you 3 euro on PayPal. That donation of yours goes toward the expenses of maintaining this web site. At the end of the year, any excess money generated all goes into doing God’s work with children and the needy around the world.

Holy Spirit Helper © can put you in touch with God’s Holy Spirit who can be a help to you about your question. 

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