The Truth Will Make You Free

Holy Spirit Helper © can put you at the steering wheel of the truth you need to know.
Holy Spirit Helper © is a help to you because it helps you to connect to God’s Holy Spirit in order to derive the Holy Spirit’s choice of help for you today about your critical situation.
Holy Spirit Helper © does not store any information about you, your questions, or God’s promises to you. Be sure to save any information such as your question and the Holy Spirit Helper reply to it. Do this by printing the screen or taking a snapshot of it, or writing down the information for your safe keeping.
Holy Spirit Helper © is fun to play but it is not a play thing or a toy. We treat your life with God with the utmost respect. Thereby, we place your life of truth, beauty, goodness, wisdom and love with utmost respect. God’s hope is for your happiness. Our hope is that truth will make you free to enjoy God’s happiness.
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