1. 1.Sunday Jan 13, 2013. Father Fusion Future And The Prophetic in Self Mastery—Keeping the Prophetic Option Alive.

  2. 2.Sunday Jan 20, 2013. Father Fusion Self Mastery in Helping—Caring For Others Like The Holy Spirit Does.

  3. 3.Sunday Jan 27, 2013. Father Fusion Healing and Self Mastery—Making Changes For Father Fusion Alignment.

  4. 4.Sunday Feb 3, 2013. Father Fusion Love—Loving As A Work In Christ For Father Fusion’s Sake.

  5. 5.Sunday Feb 10, 2013. Father Fusion Heart and Self Mastery Moving Into Heavenly Citizenship—Acting In God's Clear Light Land To Bring Heavenly Citizenship Into Father Fusion.

  6. 6.Sunday Feb 17, 2013. Father Fusion Solitude—Letting the Father’s Will Light Your Destiny In A Partnership Of Wills.

  7. 7.Sunday Feb 24, 2013. Father Fusion In A Diversity Of Wills—Father Fusion In The Family.


  9. 9.Sunday Mar 10, 2013. Father Fusion Light—The Darkness Has Not Overcome It (John 1:1-5; 16:1)—Letting the Light of the Father’s Intention for Father Fusion Overcome All Obstacles—Investing In God And God investing In Your Father Fusion—Pulling Out the Stops.

  10. 10.Sunday Mar 17, 2013. Fusion Sacrifice — Mission—Ministering Father Fusion From The Beginning.

  11. 11.Sunday Mar 24, 2013. Fusion Liturgy — Your presentation to the group of your self-styled liturgy: how it protects you, cleanses you, stimulates revelation, attracts blessings, keeps you from falling away and empowers you in your walk as a Father Fusion Candidate.  Mark 9:23  And Jesus said to him, “If you can! All things are possible for one who believes.”