Obviously I can’t give anyone a one hundred percent guarantee that the program Holy Spirit Helper © will work perfectly every time, or at all. But I can say that I have personally not yet noticed someone follow the instructions and the Holy Spirit has failed to be a help and an inspiration. 
God wants to be a help to you. Just relax, believe and let the Holy Spirit produce the Scripture words that will be a help to you today. 
Of course, it’s always important to get sound advice before making a commitment in your own life. Don’t simply go ahead with big decisions based on Holy Spirit Helper © alone, without also asking others. Come to your friend, your pastor, your mentor, your spiritual director, your partner or your family and be unafraid to share the Holy Spirit’s advice with him or her, saying: “This is what I have received as advice from the Holy Spirit through Holy Spirit Helper © . . . what is God saying to you about this for me?
Holy Spirit Advice
The Holy Spirit will give you advice based on the array of biblical Scriptures that I have coded into Holy Spirit Helper ©. The Holy Spirit’s advice is all Bible-based. Your faith is involved when, in a spirit of original innocence and love, you anticipate new things to be created in your life by the Holy Spirit and what He is saying to you with feelings that run too deep for words and yet which can be identified by the feelings and movements of your fingers. 
Some helpful pointers about Holy Spirit advice:
It is rare that the Holy Spirit will tell you what to do . . . your advice is more often a recommendation for you to consider; don’t expect a straight out answer “Yes . . . do it” or “No . . . don’t do it”. The Holy Spirit will never make your decision for you.
Have your “problem question” clear in your own mind before seeking the Holy Spirit’s help on it.
Don’t fool around, be sincere; you are being offered the chance to make a difference in your life with this tool.
Yes, you can problem-solve for someone else who is not with you.
The Holy Spirit will not assist you to commit evil or sin. When you have a grievance, for example, it’s not pure-hearted to call the Holy Spirit in to condemn others. His advice will necessarily be wisdom as God sees what is the best way to proceed.
The Bible is saturated with God’s promises of what He will do in every situation of our life. These promises are the basis of the guidance Holy Spirit Helper © is delivering to you. Because these are God’s own Bible promises, it is a good thing to expect miracles, surprises and unexpected changes in your life, your surroundings, your relationships and your perspective, but Holy Spirit Helper © does not live your life for you. Neither does Holy Spirit Helper © solve your problems without you being the captain of your own ship. Ultimately, you are the one who will solve this problem in your life . . . but Holy Spirit Helper © helps you to do it with the invaluable assistance of the Holy Spirit’s move on your life through God’s promises. In helping you to solve the problems of life, as you return to this program time and time again for its amazing help, God never takes His eyes off His meaning for human life, which is for us to be perfect in our sphere of existence as He is perfect in His sphere of existence. All problem solving is a means to an end . . . that we grow into the image of God the Father; that we share in His character and wisdom; and that we love others as He loves us. Knowing that, Holy Spirit Helper © will work beautifully for you time and time again. 
Holy Spirit Helper © can be for you a direct encounter with the Holy Spirit whereby God’s promises are made known to you when other ways have perhaps been unsuccessful.
As mentioned above, If you proceed to play Holy Spirit Helper ©, it will only cost you 5 euro on PayPal each time, and that donation goes toward the expenses of maintaining this web site. At the end of the year, any excess money that has been generated is all given into doing God’s work for people around the world. 
Please note that once you pay through the PayPal gateway to begin engaging Holy Spirit Helper ©, you will completely exit this portion of the website and return to the front page. If you want to maintain a copy of the instructions it might be valuable to print a copy for yourself. 
Let’s begin. 

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