Outreach to vulnerable children is a significant part of RCIM. It is with immense gratitude, therefore, that Rob Crickett International Ministries of USA, Finland and Australia acknowledges the invaluable pro bono help received in creating African Kids Foundation from the award-winning Melbourne-based law firm Blake Dawson.

Over a one year period, Blake Dawson graciously held our hands and walked us through the minefield of concepts and paperwork with elegance, dexterity and a winning warmth.

The lives of AIDS-generated orphans in Africa have been turned around because of Blake Dawson's best of the best standards, vision and capability. From us all, thank you.

With pleasure and gratitude Rob Crickett International Ministries of USA, Finland and Australia would like to acknowledge the invaluable banking help received from ANZ Bank in support of the RCIM initiated project, African Kids Foundation, of Melbourne, Australia. Waived fees, discounts and access to special services and benefits are some of the ways that the ANZ Bank helps African Kids Foundation to bring the money of orphan sponsors and project donors right to where it's needed most, in ways that save everyone time and money. From us all, at home and in Africa, many thanks ANZ — you make the difference!