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Sponsor an Orphaned Child    

African Kids Foundation 
allocates funding to three programs: 
Child Sponsorship; 
Property and Building Development; and 
Staff Development.

This page is dedicated to 1. Child Sponsorship.
Sponsor contributions customarily are AU$40 or US$35 or 30€ per month, but any amount helps. 
You can pay monthly or annually. 
All of AKF management costs are obtained by other fundraising efforts. 
Excluding the bank charges on credit card payments, foreign exchange and transfer fees etc., all of your sponsorship money goes to your child as follows: 
In The Home
30%        Food;
12.5%     Housing, Bedding, Clothing and Laundry;
15%        To the Child's Mama and Papa; 
2.5%       Entertainment, Toys and Play. 
12.5%     Primary School Fees and Stationary.
2.5%       Health Care.
2.5%       Pocket Money;
5%          Personal Savings Plan;
17.5%     Higher Education Savings Plan.
How To Sponsor A Child
You may already have contacted AKF and discussed the idea of sponsoring one of our orphans. If you have queries after reading this Child Sponsorship page, consider contacting an AKF representative by e-mail or phone and have a friendly chat. Whenever you are committed to this kind of loving investment in a child’s life, however, please continue to step 2 below. 
Scroll through the selection of photos of the children in our homes on the Sponsor an Orphaned Child page, reading the covering notes on each child. 
Write down the names of the child or children you wish to sponsor. 
Click the link to go to the Donations page. It will provide you with payment options, including:
mailing a cheque/check;
making a direct bank deposit;
paying online;
establishing recurrent deductions from your bank or credit card; or 
making a single payment to cover a span of time, for example three months, one year or five years.
Once AKF recognises that you have commenced your donations, you will receive a Sponsor Pack in the mail. It will contain a photograph of your child, video footage on DVD and digital photos on CD, and useful information concerning your ongoing relationship with AKF and with him or her.
You will receive regular updates form AKF throughout the year, on the life of the home. 
You will contact AKF if your own contact details change, or if you change the relationship you have with the sponsored child or children. 
Sponsoring an African child who has been orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS 
has never been easier.
May I write to the child I am sponsoring? Yes, you may, and as often as you like.
May I e-mail the child I am sponsoring? Yes, you may, and as often as you like. You will e-mail to the attention of the child’s name.
May I visit the child I am sponsoring? Yes, you may, and as often as you like. Contact AKF and/or MPC for instructions and connections. You are more than welcome.
May I send gifts to the child I am sponsoring? Yes, you may, and as often as you like. It is also worth considering that other children in the home do not have a sponsor. Perhaps include something for them also, so that they do not feel left out. Two short video clips below show you just such an event in the life of the orphanage.
May I adopt the child I am sponsoring? We are not functioning as an adoption agency, but we are happy to begin discussions to that end.
Can the child I am sponsoring write to me, visit me in my country, e-mail me, and talk to me on the phone if I call? Yes, he or she can, and as often as you like, pending all the necessary arrangements.
May I send photos and details of myself to the child I am sponsoring? Yes, you may, and as often as you like.
Am I free to discuss my sponsoring details with MPC staff and the child I am sponsoring? Yes, of course; and as often as you like — AKF and MPC in partnership provide a totally transparent service to you the child sponsor.
I want to help the children’s education. May I ship my library, computers, educational resources like CDs and DVDs, and school equipment like chairs and desks to them? Yes, you may, and as much and as often as you
Click here to make a child sponsor donation online now

Click here to make a child sponsor donation online now
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