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Dr. Robert Crickett is in full-time global ministry for Jesus Christ with a prophetic, healing, teaching and evangelistic outreach around the world. Rob Crickett International Ministries Inc., (RCIM), has offices in Australia, Finland and the United States of America. He is also the president of African Kids Foundation Inc. (AKF), an Australian organisation with a mission of an orphanage program for AIDS-generated orphaned and vulnerable children.

Rob Crickett is a New Zealander who lives with his wife, Mary, in Melbourne, Australia. Since being called into global ministry by Jesus Christ, he has ministered in Australia, Burundi, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda and in 25 states across the United States of America. He has also raised up and taken missionary-evangelists into America, Burundi, China, Finland, Germany, Israel, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, Rwanda, Tanzania, Turkey, Russia and Uganda.

Once a Buddhist monk in search of the desert spirituality of God alone, it was during the thirteen years that he also worked with heroin users in drug detox programs and prisons that Rob became yielded to Christ, and found the Father through Jesus. Rob now carries the important hope of Christ to a needy world as a much-respected author, speaker, retreat director and seminar facilitator, addressing the many key issues of a life in Christ. He is noteworthy for his gift of imparting to people healing, prophetic and word of knowledge ministry skills in the Holy Spirit, imparting freedom from spiritual orphanhood, and living by faith in confidence with the direct experience of the Spirit of the Father within. Rob Crickett has a heart for the hurting person to whom no one ministers. His missions frequently go to people well off the beaten track. RCIM is taking Jesus’ gospel around the world in spirit and in power, just as Jesus prepared it to be done by anyone who would believe in him and his experience of the Father.

This photo of Rob was taken whilst he was doing street ministry in Austin, Texas with the Bridge of Angels team from Healing and Recovery Church in Austin.

All of Dr. Rob Crickett’s recordings are on the subject of spirituality. Each cd or dvd addresses a different aspect of living a life in Christ as a son or daughter of God the Father. Each recording provides insights and practical steps to achieve a great many spiritual benefits and enduring happiness.

Samples of some of Dr. Rob’s material can be found on Best of the Best Podcasts for your listening, viewing and downloading pleasure.Podcasts_from_Australia/Podcasts_from_Australia.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
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